Definition - What does Flow mean?

Flow is defined as the movement of fluid or gas from an underground reservoir. The movement of the fluid or gas through the fractures beneath the rock formations, largely depends on the hydraulic fracturing process. The flow can be improved by stimulating the process through the use of fracking fluids; these fracking fluids are helpful in extending the fractures so as to make permeable cracks that act as a channel to transport oil and gas from the reservoir to the oil well.

Petropedia explains Flow

Every fluid and gas flows at a different rate due to their viscosity or volume. In the petroleum industry, fluid flow is defined as the movement of the fluid through fractures that are induced below the rock formations in a reservoir. The same applies to gases, as they also flow and their rate of flow and speed can vary under different temperatures and pressures. For example, heavy oil such as crude oil cannot flow easily as it is highly viscous.

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