Float Switch

Definition - What does Float Switch mean?

A Float Switch is a device that is used to sense the level of a fluid. The switch operates when the level of fluid changes due to the movement of the float. The switch can be used in a pump, a tank, an alarm or indicator. These float switches can be simple or a complex structure of sensors. Few float switches contain two stage switches.

Petropedia explains Float Switch

Float switches used in the oil and gas industry are made up of 316 stainless steel which is corrosion resistant, and can withstand high levels of temperature and pressure. These switches exhibit exceptional float buoyancy and are ideal for noting down the liquid levels in storage tanks. These float switches are also used in wastewater, marine, agriculture, food processing and machine tools manufacturing.

Sump pumps and condensate pumps also use float switches to energize an electrical pump which in turn removes the excess water. They can also be differentiated as vertical switches, Multi level custom switches and horizontal switches.

The following are the points to be taken into consideration during the selection of a float switch:

  • The style and physical arrangement
  • Kind of material used
  • Understanding the nature of the load
  • Cables
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