Definition - What does Firewall mean?

A Firewall is a fire protection system used in oil storage tanks so as to protect oil tanks from catching fire. A firewall can also be stated as a barrier that protects tanks from any potential source of ignition in the surrounding area. A 30-minute fire rated barrier is required where oil storage tanks of less than 3,500 liters capacity serving single family dwellings are sited:-

  • Within 760 mm of a combustible boundary
  • Within 1800 mm of a combustible wall of a building
  • Within 1800 mm of an opening in a non-combustible wall (door, window, flue, etc.)

Petropedia explains Firewall

Fire barrier walls are typically continuous from an interior wall to an exterior wall, or from a floor below to a floor or roof above, or from one fire barrier wall to another fire barrier wall, having a fire resistance rating equal to or greater than the required rating for the application. Fire barriers are continuous through concealed spaces (e.g., above a ceiling) to the floor deck or roof deck above the barrier. Fire Partitions are not required to extend through concealed spaces if the construction assembly forming the bottom of the concealed space, such as the ceiling, has a fire resistance rating at least equal to or greater than the fire partition. A 60-minute fire rated barrier is required for commercial installations and tanks of over 3,500 liters capacity.

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