Fire Tube

Definition - What does Fire Tube mean?

A Fire Tube is a tube that provides heat to other processing units such as gas production unit, heaters and oil treaters. The metal tube is specially designed to fulfill the heating requirements. Typically, a Fire Tube heater uses low-pressure and limited amount of burners. Air is required to induce combustion in the burner which is mixed with the fuel to ignite the flame. Fire tubes of different sizes are thus used for supplying heat to the various units in an industry.

Petropedia explains Fire Tube

The Petroleum industry utilizes a wide range of equipment to carry out different tasks on a routine basis. A Fire Tube is specially used in oil and gas production to suffice the heating needs of other large equipment such as gas production units, oil refineries, treaters and heaters. This tube is basically used to supply air to the burner, where there is a low-pressure environment containing burner fuel that reacts with the air and ignites. The combustion thus helps the Fire Tube to provide adequate heat to the different units in the oil production.

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