Fire Hazard

Definition - What does Fire Hazard mean?

A Fire Hazard is a potential fire accident that can happen at an industrial workplace. The main reason behind a major fire hazard is negligence and carelessness, which can lead to a wide range of accidents such as fatality, injury, environmental damage, business loss and so on. A Fire Hazard has a greater possibility of occurring in the oil and gas industry, mainly due to the fact that workers are surrounded by flammable liquids and gases that can explode. An emergency response plan is prepared in advance to tackle such occupational hazards and prevent them from causing more damage.

Petropedia explains Fire Hazard

In the oil and gas industry, a Fire Hazard is a possible danger to the workers and the environment. A Fire Hazard can be defined as an accidental fire that can happen due to carelessness such as improper storage or transport of fuels and exposure to combustible gas. The likelihood of such accidents happening is very high and employees are more susceptible to the consequences which can lead to loss of life, serious injuries, uncontrolled explosion, damage to the environment and loss of assets. Therefore, oil and gas manufacturers must follow an emergency response plan to combat with any plausible Fire Hazard occurrence and deal with it effectively.

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