Ferrous Alloy

Definition - What does Ferrous Alloy mean?

A Ferrous Alloy is an alloy that has iron as its prime constituent and a small amount of carbon in it. It can also contain steel as its component. It plays an important role in industrial applications as it is widely used in manufacturing tools. Drill bits, which are cutting tools, are made by using carbon steel. Similarly, a Ferrous Alloy can be used for making engineered tools for specific uses.

Petropedia explains Ferrous Alloy

The oil and gas industry requires proper tools that are used for different operations such as milling, drilling, exploring and so on. These tools are made by using a Ferrous Alloy or metal that is generally preferred for manufacturing heavy-duty engineering equipment. The main component of Ferrous Alloy is iron and a bit of carbon; however, the content of the constituents can vary from one metal to another. The common examples of Ferrous Alloy used in manufacturing of equipment for oil and gas industry are carbon steel, mild steel, cast iron and wrought iron.

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