Fall Safe

Definition - What does Fall Safe mean?

A Fall Safe is a setup that is capable of preventing falls from the drilling platform, mast or any other elevated equipment. On drilling sites, workers are required to work on the drilling rig platforms where the different equipment is kept high above the surface. Falls are the most frequent causes of serious injuries and deaths in industries.

According to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), employers are required to set up a fall safe workplace with a fall protection equipment which should repel grime, grease, abrasive and corrosive materials. Besides every work on oil and gas work field, the safety of the workers should be the highest priority of employers.

Petropedia explains Fall Safe

Working conditions in the oil and gas industry can be difficult for the workers. Fall Safe has become more user-friendly, comfortable and effective than in the past. Training courses have also become easily accessible and comprehensive than ever before. Regardless of the methods or means, the employers must ensure that their employees are well aware of the dangers and consequences of a fall. It is the responsibility of every employer to provide comprehensive training to the employees to help them keep safe at heights.

OSHA, an acronym of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, requires every employer to offer a safe working condition free from unknown dangers. The floors in the work area should be clean and dry. Employers should also provide personal protective equipment to the workers at no cost. The workers should be trained about the problems during work in a language they can easily understand.

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