Definition - What does Ethene mean?

Ethene is a major organic compound that is flammable and colorless in nature. The pure form of the compound has a sweet and musky odor. It is one of the simplest forms of alkenes and it contains four hydrogen atoms that are bounded with double bonds of carbon. The entire structure of the atoms of Ethene is coplanar in nature. Due to the presence of double bonds, the compound has a high density thus it is easily susceptible to electrophile attraction.

Petropedia explains Ethene

Ethene is generally obtained from petroleum and natural gas. Apart from this, it can be manufactured from steam cracking of ethane and propane, or naphtha and crude oil. It has UV spectrum and can be easily catalyzed by transition metals. The following are some of the uses of Ethene:

  • It is used to manufacture polymers such as polyethylene.
  • It is used to manufacture polyvinyl chloride that is further used to manufacture shoe soles, floor tiles, and raincoats.
  • It is used to manufacture ethylene glycol which is an important component for preparing Terylene.

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