Definition - What does Epoch mean?

Epoch is a subdivision of geologic timescale which is shorter than a period and longer than an age. The rock layers which were deposited during Epoch are known as series. These series are the subdivisions of a strategic column which are subdivisions of geological timescale such as epochs. Unlike other geochronological divisions, epochs are separated by the significant changes in the rock layers to which they correspond. These are chosen to be significant or convenient by consensus of initial users of the timescale.

Petropedia explains Epoch

Epochs are used commonly for younger Cenozoic Era in which greater collection of fossils is found. The paleontologists have detailed knowledge of events which took place during those times. They also serve as reference points from which time can be measured. Supereons are the largest defined units of time composed of eons. The eons are divided into eras that are further divided into ages, periods, and epochs. A number of scientists informally use Anthropocene to describe the epoch we are currently living in.

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