Environmental Impact Statement

Definition - What does Environmental Impact Statement mean?

Environmental Impact Statement is a document under the US environmental law which is required by NEPA for the actions that affect the quality of human environment. It is used as tool in the decision making process. The statement describes the negative and positive effects on the environment of any proposed action. It also lists few alternative actions that can be chosen. The statement in general works as an enforcement mechanism to assure that the federal government complies with the policies and goals that are outlined in the National Environmental Policy Act.

Petropedia explains Environmental Impact Statement

The Environmental Impact Statement is very important and it has to be well documented and clear. The common needs of the statement include safety, transportation demand, modal interrelationships, conditions of the existing facilities and system linkage. It has an alternatives section which develops, eliminates and evaluates potential alternatives depending on the need and purpose of project. The statement also offers information about the existing resources and the condition of the environment. The environmental consequences explain various impacts of the alternatives on the environment and also document the methodologies that are used in evaluation of these impacts. The accuracy of the statement is limited due to the differences which exist between politics and science. The statements which are presented to the government officials and the citizens generally include precise data.

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