Environmental Assessment

Definition - What does Environmental Assessment mean?

Environmental Assessment is a standard procedure that ensures the safety of the repercussions of various activities with respect to the environmental effects. This procedure can be carried out in various projects in the initial phase that directly or indirectly have an impact on the environment. The decisions are made after analyzing the assessment. Environmental assessment is very essential because after considering all the environmental effects, further measures are designed in the project planning that can help in better decision making. Also, the assessment is beneficial in avoiding major effects that could ruin the environment.

Petropedia explains Environmental Assessment

The primary object of environmental assessment is to determine the environmental aspects, with respect to any major decision that is yet to be taken, which could lead to consequences. This evaluation is usually conducted in the early stages of planning of any project, so that the adverse consequences on the environment maybe studied and measures can be taken in order to deal with them. The environmental assessment process is also carried out in order to reduce any hostile effects in the environment before they take place. The assessment helps the oil and gas industry to function in a safe environment, without affecting the local region, people or surroundings.

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