Calcium Bromide

Definition - What does Calcium Bromide mean?

Calcium Bromide is a chemical compound that is used along with calcium chloride in well completion operations to make the solids free from brines. After the process the solids should have densities lying in the range of 11.5 to 14.5 ppg. Brine is usually produced along with oil and it provides osmotic wellbore stability while drilling water-sensitive shale zones. Calcium Bromide has the chemical formula CaBr2.

Petropedia explains Calcium Bromide

Calcium bromide (CaBr2) has two important uses in the oil and gas industry:

  • It is used to clear brine water/brine fluids in oil and gas.
  • It is used as an oxidizer for mercury emissions control.
In the upstream sector, calcium bromide is used to control wellbore pressures during completion and workover operations. In mercury emissions control, calcium bromide is sprayed on the coal prior to combustion and when the coal is burned the calcium bromide breaks down and reacts with elemental mercury to form ionic species of mercury that can be captured by downstream pollution control equipment.
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