Definition - What does Electromechanical mean?

Electromechanical is a device that uses mechanical parts to do electrical works or vice versa. It’s the combination of electrical and mechanical concepts. Electromechanics is a branch that deals with electromechanical system. It is also a branch of engineering that combines both electrical and mechanical systems, process or procedures drawn from electrical and mechanical engineering.

Petropedia explains Electromechanical

In Electromechanical devices, the electric signal is used to create mechanical movement of the device and this mechanical movement is used to create further electrical signals. Teleprinters, electronic typewriters are few examples of electromechanical devices that were used earlier when modern electronic development was not available. In power plants or Oil and Gas sector, relays are widely used to shut down a machine during voltage fluctuation or during over current fault (emergency situation). Protection relays which are one of the type of electromechanical devices are placed in the system.

Few other practical applications of electromechanical are:

  • Micro electromechanical systems
  • Vehicle and Vehicle subsystem
  • Hand held photographic devices

Piezometers, piezo electric devices, electrical actuators, etc., are some of the examples of electromechanical systems.

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