Electric Drive

Definition - What does Electric Drive mean?

An Electric Drive is a device used in critical applications such as drilling or pump rod applications for varying motor speeds. In such applications, a special Electric drive with added controls and intelligence is required. Pipeline projects increase the demand for Electric Drives due to the pump applications that are used to transfer the fluid through them.

Petropedia explains Electric Drive

An Electric Drive is used in oil and gas industries to control the changing motor speeds of critical components like fans, pumps and compressors. An AC and a DC Electric Drive are both used in the industries; however, the AC drive is the one that is used in most of the applications. An Electric Drive has a vital role in oil or gas production and distribution infrastructure. The voltage and power requirements in oil and gas industries vary according to the demands of the application. Therefore, the Electric Drive should be customized to meet the sundry demands and requirements of each application.

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