Dry Air Cleaner

Definition - What does Dry Air Cleaner mean?

A Dry Air Cleaner is a mechanical device that cleans air by removing small particles such as sand and dirt particles from the air stream. The device works by making the air stream pass through several layers of filters. These devices are used by gas distribution organizations to clean natural gas stream at city gates before passing it into the pipeline grid.

Petropedia explains Dry Air Cleaner

Dry air cleaners help in removing small dirt particles from natural gas streams at the distribution side. A common type of dry air cleaner used is a dry element air cleaner, which comes in two types, i.e., air cleaner with an unloading valve and air cleaner with a dust cap.

The common functionality of an air dry cleaner is that it works in two stages, first it performs pre-cleaning functionality on the gas stream passing through these air cleaners and then it filters the granules, dirt particles and moisture from the natural gas stream.
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