Drill Site

Definition - What does Drill Site mean?

A Drill Site is a location which is dedicated to perform oil exploration and production activities. It is a workplace to drill an oil or a gas well and associated infrastructure such as establishing a wellhead platform, mounting a drilling rig, laying down gathering pipeline, storage tanks, making arrangement to transport crude oil and natural gas to processing facilities, and installing other necessary equipment and infrastructure.

Petropedia explains Drill Site

A drill site looks similar to any other construction site. It should comply with the Health, Safety and Environmental Regulations of the region where the site for the oil and gas activities has been chosen.

Below are some of the factors and parameters that need to be considered when selecting the drill site for carrying out oil and gas activities:

  • Availability of hydrocarbons in enough volumes that can give an E&P organization commercial stability and return on investment that they put to build the site.
  • Ease in the movement of the crude oil and other commodities such as availability of ocean transportation loading and unloading ports, availability of interstate or intrastate pipelines, railroad, etc., so as to make the crude oil, and natural gas available in less time at the demand centers and at minimized transportation costs.
  • Access to right of way to carry out drilling activities with ease and without any interventions.
  • A good proximity distance from residential areas so as to not cause pollution or dump toxic waste near the residential areas.
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