Drill Pipe Slips

Definition - What does Drill Pipe Slips mean?

A drill pipe slips is used during the drilling process of a well. This device uses a mechanism to grip the drill string, which is an equipment composed of a drill pipe along with bottom hole tools that make the drill turn at the bottom of an oil wellbore. Drill pipe slips usually consists of steel wedges that are twisted around each other to cover the drill pipe, whose inside is covered with tool steel teeth that are used to latch onto the pipe. This device has a very complex design and is used for routine tasks in the oil and gas industry.

Petropedia explains Drill Pipe Slips

Drill pipe slips or slips is a mechanical device that is usually utilized heavily in the petroleum industry. This device is assembled with steel wedges and inner steel teeth that are used to latch onto the side of the pipe. Basically, this device is used to grip a drill string, which is another mechanical device used to drill and reach the bottom of the wellbore. The slips is used to hold on to the drill string, while the downward force is used to put a force on the inner side of the drill pipe.

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