Drill Pipe Cutter

Definition - What does Drill Pipe Cutter mean?

A Drill Pipe Cutter is a device that is used to sever and recover a pipe when it gets stuck in a well. The drill rig cannot function when a pipe is stuck in the well. Depending on the situation, different types of drill pipe cutters are used, i.e., precision tubular cutters, hydraulic cutters, mechanical cutters, chemical cutters, jet cutters, radial cutting torch, severing and colliding tools.

Petropedia explains Drill Pipe Cutter

When the drill pipe gets stuck during drilling operations, it prevents the drill rig from functioning. As the operational costs are very high, it important to remove or recover the stuck pipe quickly, so as to save costs. The stuck pipe is severed using the drill pipe cutter and then removed from the well. The drill pipe cutter is usually made of steel or aluminum and is attached to the tubing or a drill pipe. A drill pipe is a hollow pipe that allows drilling fluids to be pumped down the well through the bit and back up the annulus.

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