Drilling Under Pressure

Definition - What does Drilling Under Pressure mean?

Drilling Under Pressure is a process used for drilling a hole into a system of flowing pipe without interrupting the flow or leaking its contents. This means that the flowing pipe systems can continue their operations while modifications or maintenance operations are being carried out. This process is also used to drain off the pressurized casing fluids. In the process, a potential branch is connected onto the main branch by using mechanical tee or by welding, then a valve is fitted and a live connection is made using a drilling machine.

Petropedia explains Drilling Under Pressure

Drilling Under Pressure is the first process used in line stopping in which a hole saw is used for making an opening in a pipe to insert a line plugging head into it. Welding operations on equipment are prohibited in various situations that contain:

  • Substances that can undergo decomposition or reactions that can result in explosion, attack or pressure.
  • Compressed air in the existence of hydrocarbons that can either be present in the atmosphere or decomposed on the surface inside the pipe or equipment.
  • Mixture of vapors or gases that are within the flammable range or can become flammable due to the input of heat in welding operations.
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