Drilling Template

Definition - What does Drilling Template mean?

A drilling template is a template that has multiple wells drilled through it that are used to complete the production of fluids. It is also referred to as a multiwall or a manifold template, because it employs more than one well system to inject the fluids in the well as well as to extract the organic fluids. The template usually uses the connection points, production risers or flowlines to carry on the drilling related tasks. The drilling template is surveyed by a drilling superintendent, who is an authorized person to design the well and plan the entire drilling program.

Petropedia explains Drilling Template

Drilling of an oil well is an outright complex project. When drilling an oil well, many factors should be paid attention to by the drilling superintendent such as oil well location, drilling pros and cons, etc. When multiple wellbores are drilled in the same oil well, it is referred to as a drilling template. It is also known as a multiwall, manifold, drilling and production template. There are many wells drilled in the drilling template to inject drilling liquids and proceed with the extraction of produced liquids.

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