Drilling Superintendent

Definition - What does Drilling Superintendent mean?

A Drilling Superintendent is responsible for managing a wide range of tasks and responsibilities that are related to the drilling program of an oil well. The responsibilities usually include the planning and execution of the drilling program and keeping all other factors in mind such as safety norms, the health of the drilling personnel and the safety of the environment. The drilling superintendent is also responsible for managing and planning all the operations to get the maximum return on an exploration, while reducing the cost and liability to the company as well as the environment.

Petropedia explains Drilling Superintendent

All oil and gas manufacturers across the world require a drilling superintendent in order to carry out several tasks related to the drilling project of an oil well. The drilling superintendent is ideally an engineer who holds relevant experience in management, planning and execution of the entire drilling operations. This person is primarily responsible for the thorough planning of an oil well drilling project, using the latest technologies available. The plan is prepared by the superintendent by paying attention to certain factors such as cost to company, health & safety of the workers, environmental policies, to name a few. Apart from the planning, the drilling superintendent is also responsible for reducing the expenditure, maximizing the return and managing all the associated personnel.

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