Drilling Platform Rig

Definition - What does Drilling Platform Rig mean?

A Drilling Platform Rig is a fixed or movable structure that is installed at a well location before beginning the drilling process. It is also referred to as an oil rig, offshore platform or oil platform. This colossal structure is intended to facilitate the easy drilling of an oil well, whether onshore or offshore. Based on the location circumstances, the drilling platform rig can be floating or in a fixed position.

Petropedia explains Drilling Platform Rig

Engineers have to drill an oil well after an oil reservoir has been located; a large structure, known as a Drilling Platform Rig is installed before the commencement of the drilling process. This structure is essential to start, manage and complete the oil well. Depending on the drilling location requirement, the rig can be either fixed or floating.

The main purpose of a Drilling Platform Rig is to establish a solid formation that supports the drilling operations. The rig has a back up to carry out all kinds of drilling jobs and also house all the required equipment. There are many types of oil rigs available that can be used for a fixed oil well or they can even be maritime vessels installed with drilling structures, known as drillships.

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