Drilling Out

Definition - What does Drilling Out mean?

Drilling Out is a reverse process in petroleum engineering that is used to enter a borehole or remove a blockage from a wellbore. As this process is not limited to just one operation, the drilling crew may use it to carry out a number of operations as and when required. It is also referred to as drill out. It may also be used to locate or outline an area of ore body or of a petroleum borehole.

Petropedia explains Drilling Out

A number of drilling equipment is brought into use when carrying out different drilling operations. Drilling Out, also known as drill out, is a reverse engineering operation that is done for different purposes. The drilling supervisor may opt for a Drilling Out operation when the cement in a wellbore is to be drilled out of the casing. Similarly, Drilling Out may be used to enter a borehole so as to aid in the well completion or get rid of an obstacle lying in the wellbore path. This procedure can also be used to figure out and determine a petroleum borehole.

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