Drilling Engine

Definition - What does Drilling Engine mean?

A Drilling Engine is a powerful engine that aids in drilling processes. A Drilling Engine is automated, reliable and efficient to supply power for drilling operations. It is settled on depending on the location of the drilling rigs as well as other factors. Through the use of a Drilling Engine, the drilling superintendent can ensure there is continuous drilling even on offshore locations.

Petropedia explains Drilling Engine

Drilling rigs can be set on onshore or offshore sites. Due to the remote locations of the drilling wells, engineers require a powerful Drilling Engine to ensure that drilling operations are carried out without any disturbance. The Engine runs on different fuels, which can be either diesel or gas.

There are different types of Drilling Engines used for varied drilling operations; however, the common ones are diesel engines, gas engines and land mechanical drilling engines. Mechanical and automated engines are designed to aid a drilling process without any interruptions. A Drilling Engine that runs on diesel is preferred for mechanical drilling applications. Similarly, a Drilling Engine that uses gas is preferred when high power output is required on a drilling rig. A Drilling Engine is used to backup other drilling equipment.

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