Definition - What does Drillable mean?

A Drillable is a rotating tool made from sturdy metal alloys that is used in relation with the packers and other equipment left inside an oil well bore, which is broken down by a drill bit. Apart from these metals, brittle material such as plastic can also be used to make the Drillable equipment. Basically, a Drillable is associated with the tools and equipment that are related to the drilling of either a vertical or a horizontal well.

Petropedia explains Drillable

In the oil and gas industry, Drillable is a term used for drilling packers and equipment that are used in a wellbore. These Drillable packers and tools placed inside the oil wellbore are made from high quality material and the material selection varies from the intended use. Metals such as aluminum and cast iron are preferred, whereas brittle and soft materials such as plastic can also be used to make the drillable packer. A drillable packer is a permanent assembly tool and once it is left inside the wellbore it can only be removed by conducting a drilling operation. These Drillable tools are mostly used in the well completion phase of an oil well.

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