Bump The Plug

Definition - What does Bump The Plug mean?

Bump The Plug is a situation of reaching the bottom with the plug during fluid displacement or cementing process. The increase in pump pressure is detected and the cement plug at the top is indicated whether it is placed on the landing collar or on the bottom plug. The main reason for bumping the plug is to isolate the fluid production zones, improve the casing strength and the formation stability.

Petropedia explains Bump The Plug

To bump the plug means to land a top plug over the bottom plug that increases the pressure at the surface as fluid cannot be pumped via floating equipment. When the top plug is not bumped it causes a pressure increase at the measured displacement volume and pumping is stopped that limits the cement slurry from displacing out from the casing. It is important to calculate the volume of the displacing fluid that is required to bump the plug before the process begins. Bumping the plug is a situation that concludes the process of cementing.

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