Definition - What does Derrickhand mean?

A Derrickhand also known as a Derrickman, this individual is a junior to a driller. He or she always reports to the driller during drilling operations in the field. The Derrickhand stays on a derrick, also called a mast, which is a structure in a pyramid shape above the rig floor and assists the driller in rigging up and down drill pipes, risers and tubular pipes into the wellbore.

Petropedia explains Derrickhand

A Derrickhand is responsible for the safe and efficient operations of the derrick and other related equipment on the drilling rig. He/she also takes responsibility in all elevated work associated with rigging up & down. Other responsibilities of the Derrickhand include:

  • Providing assistance to the operator/driller in rigging up and down and lining up the well service rig.
  • Setting of hydraulic jack handles pads and attaching guy wires to the anchor.
  • Transferring rods and tubing from the vertical racks to the elevator.
  • Performing oil well servicing.
  • Performing other related duties assigned to him in regards to well field safety, accidents and maintenance issues.
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