Hydraulic Fracturing

Definition - What does Hydraulic Fracturing mean?

Hydraulic Fracturing is a process used to fracture a tight and low permeable formation of rocks within the surface of earth by injecting specially blended fluid, also called as ‘Fracking Fluid’ into the wellbore at very high pressure. Hydraulic Fracturing is carried out so as to enhance oil or gas production. It is also known as hydro-fracking, hydro-fracturing, fracking or fracing.

Petropedia explains Hydraulic Fracturing

This technique, a blended liquid which is usually a mixture of water, sand granules, aluminum pellets, glass beds, and other proppants is pumped down with high pressure into the tight rock formation which produces cracks/fractures in the rock. When the pressure is released at the surface, the small grains of this fracking fluid hold the fractures partially open allowing the channels for hydrocarbons to flow through them into a producing well.

The pressure and injection rate can reach up to 100 Mega Pascal equivalents to 15000 psi and 265 liters per second by fracturing equipment used in performing this technique of enhancing oil or gas productions. Generally this technique is more commonly used in horizontally drilled gas wells (Shale Gas).

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