Definition - What does Delamination mean?

Delamination is a situation which represents mode of failure in the composite materials and steel used for the oil and gas industry such as steel used to build equipment structures for processing crude oil in the upstream sector, and crude processing units in refineries and pipelines. Apart from steel and composite materials, delamination can also take place in the reinforced concrete structure leading to corrosion.

Petropedia explains Delamination

A survey is conducted on regular intervals of time in the processing sites for any delamination defects in the cost intensive structure of the oil and gas industry. Material failure due to delamination is tested by checking the material sound by tapping it at various points. If a composite produces a bright sound, it means that the surface is okay else a delaminated surface will produce a dull sound. Similarly a reinforced concrete structure will produce a solid sound whereas a delaminated concrete will produce a drum-like sound.

Refineries and upstream complex structure in the cold countries have to constantly use de-icing salts and chemicals and are prone to delamination faults at higher rate, thus a constant annual or monthly inspection procedures needs to be followed.

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