Definition - What does Deformation mean?

Deformation is the change in the physical properties of a material. It can be distinguished as plastic and elastic deformation. The deformation that is permanent or which remains even after the removal of stress is known as plastic deformation. On the other hand the deformation that remains only until the force is applied is known as elastic deformation.

Petropedia explains Deformation

Permanent deformation can be related to rocks that are at high temperature and pressure conditions. In such conditions the rock becomes viscous. On the other hand elastic deformation can be related to the phenomenon of elasticity. There is an elastic limit of each solid material. Within the elastic limit, the body on which the force was applied, goes back to its original position after the removal of the force. When a material is deformed it leaves its original form permanently. Geology is the study of deformation of matter and other related things.

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