Definition - What does Decompression mean?

Decompression can be defined as the decrease of pressure that happens during rise from the depth. This process is usually about a body readjusting to the change of surface pressure. In a decompression chamber, divers are improved and recovered from the high pressure that is experienced during deeper saturation dives. Decompression revolves around pressure.

Petropedia explains Decompression

Decompression is the reduction of atmospheric pressure that happens in places with compressed air. There are various forms of decompression, such as uncontrolled decompression, which can cause damage to the surroundings due to an unplanned plummet of pressure inside an environment. In the oil and gas industry, decompression can occur due to a functional failure of a pressure vessel and can even be fatal. Industrial equipment that are meant for high-pressure gases are required to undergo an explosive decompression test to ensure their safety.

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