Decision Tree

Definition - What does Decision Tree mean?

Decision Tree is an effective decision support tool which uses a tree-like graph to explain possible consequences and probable event outcomes. The tree is one of the simplest ways to display an algorithm. It is commonly used in research operations, decision analysis, and also helps to identify a strategy to achieve the goals. Moreover, it is a predictive model that concludes the item’s target value. It has three kinds of nodes named as decision nodes, chance nodes and end nodes.

Petropedia explains Decision Tree

The Decision Tree has a flowchart-like structure and is usually drawn from left to right. The model has only burst nodes, meaning it only has diverging paths instead of converging paths. Each internal node represents the test and each branch describes the outcomes of the test. The tree is intuitive and simple to explain. It is helpful as it provides a systematic way to document the thought process and helps to formalize the brainstorming process. Thus, it describes more potential solutions.

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