Dead Well

Definition - What does Dead Well mean?

The term dead well refers to an oil well that is no longer used for production. It is a well which can be temporarily or permanently unproductive and is deemed unfit for future production. There can be various reasons due to which an oil well is labeled dead. This well is usually not capable of producing oil and gas- it can no longer flow. However, petroleum engineers may use different well stimulation techniques on a well before it is considered as a Dead Well.

Petropedia explains Dead Well

An oil well can be categorized based on its production range and performance. A Dead Well is an oil well that is no longer flowing or producing oil or gas. The well could be dead due to several reasons, for example, the well might no longer have any sources left in the reservoir. In such a situation, well analysis is done by engineers to determine the cause of the diminished productivity. If the well is temporarily dead and is found to have resources beneath, then hydraulic units can be used to stimulate the well for production.

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