Definition - What does Compound mean?

A Compound is matter that has two or more atoms as its constituents; these atoms are connected through chemical bonds. A Compound is also referred to as a chemical compound and can be of four types. Based on its chemical composition, a Compound can be an intermetallic, molecule, salt or a complex. Therefore, each element has different compounds that determine its composition. These compounds can be broken down into different elements via a chemical reaction to produce different products.

Petropedia explains Compound

In general chemistry, a Compound can be referred to as any substance that is composed of two or more atoms connected together via chemical bonds. In the oil and gas industry, all the elements that are extracted through the drilling process are made up of chemical compounds that determine their nature. Extracted elements such as crude oil, are exposed to a refining process which makes them undergo a chemical reaction, through which the compounds are further broken. Crude oil or petroleum is made up of several compounds including hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen. Apart from these, many other trace elements are also found in the crude oil. It is through the different chemical procedures, that these raw resources are made into useful products such as petrol, diesel fuel and LPG.

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