Coiled-Tubing Unit

Definition - What does Coiled-Tubing Unit mean?

A Coiled-Tubing Unit is a hydraulically powered, portable service system designed to inject and fetch a continuous string of the tubing concentric to the larger inside diameter casing strings or production tubing. It is a self contained multiuse machine which can do anything that a conventional service rig can do, with the exception of the tripping jointed pipe. It can run thousands of meters of continuous joint free steel pipes into production of a gas and oil well to complete definite workover operations like fishing, well cleanout, acidification, fracturing, etc.

Petropedia explains Coiled-Tubing Unit

  • The coiled tubing unit consists of different sets of essential equipment that execute standard continuous length tubing functions in a field. It consists of following components:Injector: It is used for gripping continuous length tubing. It also offers the forces needed for the retrieval and deployment of tube out and into the borehole.Service-Reel: It serves as a coiled tubing storage device during transport and as spooling device used during coiled tubing drilling operations and well intervention.Power Supply: These are the prime movers that are built in various different configurations based on the operating environment.Control Console: These are the devices that are used for controlling and monitoring the coiled tubing units.Downhole Connections: These are various connections that are used in coiled tubing services for transferring compression, tension and torsional loads and isolating pressure from the bottom hole assembly and tools onto the tube. Well-Control Stack: This is a crucial part of pressure containment package of the coiled tubing unit. It comprises of hydraulically operated rams and stripper assembly that perform various functions.
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