Definition - What does Chromatograph mean?

Chromatograph, also known as Gas Chromatograph, is an analytical instrument which is used to perform analysis on various volatile substances in the gas phase of a sample. The term used when performing this analysis using a Gas Chromatograph is known as Gas Chromatography. The main use of Gas Chromatograph is to separate various compounds from a given sample of gas.

Petropedia explains Chromatograph

The analytical separation technique performed by a Gas Chromatograph is known as Gas Chromatography. In this technique, various components of a sample of natural gas are dissolved in a solvent and vaporized so that the analytes can be separated by distribution of samples in two phases, i.e., stationary phase and mobile phase.

In the stationary phase, two types of chromatography are performed by a chromatograph:

  • Gas Solid Chromatography
  • Gas Liquid Chromatography

A mobile phase in a chromatograph is a chemically inert gas which carries analyte molecules when brought in the contact with the gas stream to the heated column.

The sample diagram of gas chromatograph is shown below:

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