Chemical Pump

Definition - What does Chemical Pump mean?

A chemical pump is a device that is designed to pump, transfer or store chemicals. The pump is made with anti-corrosion materials so that it can endure abrasive liquids such as oils, fuels, acids, solvents, paint etc. It is a special pump that is used in industrial applications and can be designed as per the specific requirement of an application. Industries that need to pump caustic fluids should use a chemical pump that is specially made to handle that particular chemical substance. It is necessary to get a chemical pump if one is going to handle any kind of corrosive or abrasive liquid, as normal standard pumps cannot handle them.

Petropedia explains Chemical Pump

The Oil and gas industry makes use of a wide number of equipment, including a chemical pump, which is a specially designed pump that is capable of handling, transferring and pumping corrosive liquids such as crude oil. Since a normal pump cannot be used to deal with this fluid, it is mandatory to get a special chemical pump to carry out the task. Similar to other pumps, a chemical pump also has different types that can be employed for a wide variety of applications. A chemical pump can be found in centrifugal and displacement variant. The pump can be effectively used to move liquid fuel and other corrosive chemicals at high pressure, irrespective of their viscosity.

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