Chemical Inventory (CIS)

Definition - What does Chemical Inventory (CIS) mean?

A Chemical Inventory is an inventory system that keeps a record of chemicals and other hazardous materials. Ideally, all corporations, whether big or small, are required to maintain an exclusive Chemical Inventory System. It is an important database that monitors all kinds of materials that are flammable, toxic, corrosive or reactive. It also helps in responding effectively to any chemical emergency. It also holds data regarding oil and fuels such as diesel, gasoline, motor oil, etc. It is also known as CIS.

Petropedia explains Chemical Inventory (CIS)

Oil and gas that is corrosive, toxic, flammable or reactive in nature, is included in a comprehensive database system known as a Chemical Inventory. It is also referred to as a Chemical Inventory System (CIS). This inventory system maintains information about petroleum byproducts such as liquefied and compressed gas, oil and fuels such as gasoline, motor oil, vacuum pump oil, and diesel. The inventory system may also include information about any chemicals or products that include chemicals. The CIS is updated regularly by including data and other relevant information about the existing or new products.

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