Definition - What does Broaching mean?

Broaching can be defined as the process of blowing out the formation of fluids away from the casing and under the equipment. It is performed by using a downhole tool called broach that is used to remove the material, in this case, the fluid formation. The broach tool has a cutting profile on the front, which is set on different angles to remove the fluid formation. The speed of the broach tool can also be controlled as per the requirement.

Petropedia explains Broaching

A broach is a downhole tool that is used in broaching, i.e., blowing out the fluid formation that may have accumulated over time around the equipment. Since the oil and gas industry makes use of different kinds of downhole tools to pump oil out of a wellbore, there is a tendency of fluids to get dry and form grease or other solid structure. It is through broaching that these fluid formations are blown away using a broach tool.

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