Blowout Preventer Equipment (BOP)

Definition - What does Blowout Preventer Equipment (BOP) mean?

Blowout preventer equipment is a group of mechanical devices that are used to prevent an underground oil blowout from a reservoir. The equipment is made up of large safety valves that are utilized to control, seal and monitor the oil and gas well. A blowout preventer, abbreviated as B-O-P, is used on the surface wells such as subsea or land well. It is the safety equipment that is necessary to cope with extreme underground pressure of an oil well and is helpful in avoiding a blowout.

Petropedia explains Blowout Preventer Equipment (BOP)

Since an oil and gas well’s health can fluctuate at anytime due to an increase or decrease in temperature or heat, it is crucial to install safety device(s) that could control the intense pressure and counter any major blowouts that can lead to a catastrophic event. Blowout preventer equipment is a group of mechanical equipment and techniques that are meant for the safe use of a bore well, that allow engineers to seal the well and curb any uncontrolled flow before it turns into a blowout that can lead to a fire.

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