Blowout Preventer Control Panel

Definition - What does Blowout Preventer Control Panel mean?

A Blowout Preventer Control Panel is a system that is deployed to manage blowout preventers. This hydraulic control system is a complete module that runs on hydraulic energy and it is installed on top of the oil well. This control panel is an essential means of a well control technique that prevents oil well blowout. Ideally, a Blowout Preventer Control Panel is installed along with the drilling rigs, whether on land or in water. This panel is managed from a remote accumulator device, an electrical signal, acoustic control signal, through ROVs or through deadman switch.

Petropedia explains Blowout Preventer Control Panel

Oil wells are monitored and managed by installing a special valve type device known as a blowout preventer. This device is installed on top of the well and it is of utmost importance in terms of the well control; it allows engineers to manage and regulate any oil well that is drilled either on land or under water. A Blowout Preventer Control Panel on the other hand is a special unit that is installed to manage all the blowout preventer devices from a remote location. This unit works on hydraulic energy and it can control the blowout preventers via electric or acoustic signals. Remotely operated vehicles are also sometimes used to control the blowout preventers.

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