Bottomhole Gas Separator

Definition - What does Bottomhole Gas Separator mean?

A bottom hole gas separator is a gas anchor or a punctured tube attached to one end of a pump, which is a downhole component that controls the gas. This separator assists a sucker-rod pump to manage the gas levels and also allows the formation fluid to enter inside the pump. The bottom hole gas separator is usually employed during the production testing phase of an oil well. This tool is helpful in preventing a gas lock inside the borewell and improves the efficiency of the pump.

Petropedia explains Bottomhole Gas Separator

When drilling and explorative operations are done on an oil well, several kinds of downhole equipment are used. A bottom hole separator, which is a gas anchor tube attached to one end of a sucker rod pump is used to help prevent an occurrence of a gas lock. This device ensures that the free gas is repelled that lets the formation fluid to get inside the pump, thus improving the efficiency of the pump. When this separator is used, it boosts the performance of the pump as it deflects the gas while allowing the pump to carry on the suction process.

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