Bleed Valve

Definition - What does Bleed Valve mean?

A Bleed Valve is a screw-type valve that is used to release any trapped vapor or liquid from a system. These valves are small in size and are usually installed on blow out preventers, pipelines, storage tanks and pumps. They ensure that pressure surging inside drilling equipment, pipes and tanks is reduced or eliminated by venting off gases and liquids.

Petropedia explains Bleed Valve

Bleed valves can be classified into two types based on their operations, i.e., automated bleed valves and manually operated bleed valves. Bleed valves can come as a single assembly with block valves or these valves may be manufactured as separate valve units. When bleed valves are merged with block valves they form block and bleed valves. The block and bleed valve is mainly used to block the flow of oil or gas from one system and at the same time allow the flow of oil or gas from another system into the downstream network. It also releases any pressure that has built up in the system.

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