Bevel Gear

Definition - What does Bevel Gear mean?

A Bevel Gear is a gear which is generally mounted on the shafts which are 90 degrees apart. These types of gears are used to change the drive direction of a gear system by 90 degrees. The tooth bearing faces in the Bevel Gears are conically shaped and the axes of the two bevel gears intersect each other.

Petropedia explains Bevel Gear

Bevel gears are classified based on their teeth design. They can be classified into four categories.

  • Straight Bevel Gear – The pitch surface of this type of Bevel Gear is conical and their teeth are straight and tapered towards the apex.
  • Spiral Bevel Gear – The tooth contact in these types of gears is gradual and smooth because they have curve teeth design at an angle.
  • Zerol Bevel Gear – These types of Bevel Gears are similar to the Straight Bevel gears with just a small difference in that their teeth are curved rather than in a straight design and their ends are coplanar with the axis and the middle portion of each tooth swept circumferentially around the gear.
  • Hypoid Bevel Gear – These types of Bevel Gears are similar to the Spiral Bevel Gear with a slight difference in the pitch surface. The pitch surface in this type of gear is hyperbolic instead of conical. Because of this reason, they are widely used in the rear axle of automobiles.
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