Bending Stress

Definition - What does Bending Stress mean?

Bending stress is the normal stress that an object encounters when it is subjected to great amount of load at a particular point causing it to bend and fatigue. It is encountered in many applications of the oil and gas industry; however, they are more often encountered on the drill pipe of a rig while drilling oil or a gas well through harsh rock bed structure.

Petropedia explains Bending Stress

When a rig starts drilling in a rotary position using a drill pipe, a lot of heat and backward forces are generated which a drill pipe takes on; hence the drill pipe has to be checked on regularly for fatigue at various locations.

The common locations where a drill pipe can undergo bending stresses are:

  • The buckled area near the rig end.
  • The dogleg
  • The buckled area on the other end of the drill pipe.

The maximum bending stress on a drill pipe is experienced in the doglegs while drilling a well hole.

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