Ball Bearing

Definition - What does Ball Bearing mean?

A Ball bearings are small but they forms an important part of the rotating equipment as they help in friction less rotation between two movable plates of an equipment. These ball bearings are made up of varying size metal roller balls which are put in the bearing races and thus making two plates of an equipment rotating effortlessly.

Petropedia explains Ball Bearing

Ball bearings are the rolling element bearings and are made up of either stainless steel, cast iron steel, chrome steel mixed with silicon nitride. Ball bearings are found in almost every rotating equipment as they are most reliable small roller balls that helps in frictionless rotation between two metal plates effortlessly. These bearings also helps in supporting radial and axial forces that gets applied when two or more rotating parts of an equipment rotates at a high rpm. There are three types of ball bearings commonly used in majority of the applications. They are:

  • Angular contact ball bearings
  • Axial design ball bearings
  • Deep groove design ball bearings
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