Definition - What does Bailing mean?

Bailing is one of the well workover and intervention tool that is wrapped on a spool and fed into the borehole with the help of a wireline or slickline and is used to remove any left over tools or broken debris of any tool from the wellbore. Bailing is used with either sand bailer or with hydrostatic bailer.

Petropedia explains Bailing

In simple words, bailing is a cable driven tool used along with the bailers either with hydrostatic bailer or with sand bailer to remove any leftover tool or equipment from deep down the well hole. In order to bring the bailer back to the surface, bailing line is necessary. This bailing line has a mechanism of complete communication with the operators at the surface and provides all inside details of the wellbore. Sometimes, process of using bailers to remove any unnecessary debris, such as drilling mud, sand, water, etc or any leftover tool is called as bailing.

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