Definition - What does Autotransformer mean?

An Autotransformer is an electrical device that converts inbound electricity to a higher or lower value of voltage for specific purposes. This device has the primary winding shared by a secondary winding, making it a single winding transformer. It is a major component in power grid to supply voltage in many nations. It consists of a coil system in the device that manages the current flow within a specific range. The two main functions of the transformers are to supply current from a source to destination and regulate the voltage of the current.

Petropedia explains Autotransformer

The components of autotransformers are usually designed in a way that they can provide optimum field performance. The coils and cores are coated with high-quality grade epoxy and are thermally insulated. Depending on the requirements, one can select a large power transformer or a small power transformer. The transformers maintain magnetic flux and thus it is possible to regulate the amount of voltage and current that is delivered to houses and businesses. An autotransformer is different from the commonly used transformers in the oil and gas industry in such a way that these transformers have a single common primary and secondary winding whereas common transformers contain separate primary and secondary windings.

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