Automatic Tank Gauge

Definition - What does Automatic Tank Gauge mean?

An Automatic Tank Gauge is a device that automatically measures the level of crude oil, LNG and petroleum products in storage tanks and raises an alarm when the level goes down or up the threshold limits. It operates electronically and keeping track of any leakages in the tank. When the upper limit of re-filling the tank is reached, it cuts off the supply from the inlet pipeline and intimates the operator on their human machine interface.

Petropedia explains Automatic Tank Gauge

Automatic tank gauge (ATG) systems measure the levels of liquids inside tanks with the help of electronic probes. These probes consist of long rods that house certain number of sensors known as floats. The position of the floats informs the operator sitting at the ATG console about the amount of petroleum product present in the tank. Apart from measuring the petroleum levels, the probe rod also houses thermistors that measure the liquid temperature.

An ATG console machine is connected electronically with all the storage tanks located inside the main facility and displays all the internal views of a storage tank to the operator sitting at the console.

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