Automatic Drilling Control Unit

Definition - What does Automatic Drilling Control Unit mean?

An Automatic Drilling Control Unit is a pneumatic or hydraulic device used to regulate the drawworks brake-handle on the drilling rig without any driller input. It is used to achieve a high rate of penetration and a better wellbore by adjusting the drilling line layout that provides a steady state weight on bit or differential pressure over the downhole motor. An accurate device maximizes the rate of penetration by adjusting and monitoring the weight on bit. The device maintains a stable and consistent drilling fluid pressure.

Petropedia explains Automatic Drilling Control Unit

An Automatic Drilling Control Unit is an automatic drilling system that boosts the rate of penetration by monitoring all the drilling parameters and adjusting the weight on bit. This device is also known as the automatic driller. The target is entered for the weight on bit and also the limits for the drilling fluid pressure and rate of penetration. Weight is added to the bit until the desired weight on bit is achieved enabling the device to maintain a stable and consistent weight on bit. The precised control of the weight on bit increases the rate of penetration and provides less stress on the drill string, drill bit and mud motor.

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